• MOTHER 3 English Translation v1.1 – The full English translation patch!
  • MOTHER 3 Menu Patch v1.5 – This old patch translates menus, names, items, descriptions, etc. It was meant as a temporary means for people to get through the game while the real, full translation was being made. It is now outdated and no longer supported.
  • MOTHER 3 Map Viewer (by Goplat) – Not really translation related, but a nifty tool for Windows that’s been really useful to us context-wise when translating the game’s script.
  • Crazy MOTHER 3 Sound Effects – It’s a long story, so for details, see this. This has a 5-minute MP3 of all the sound effects and sound samples in the game.
  • MOTHER 3 Preview Music – Some people were asking for an MP3 of the game music used in this video from a little while back. So here it is for those who’re interested.