MOTHER 3 Fan Translation v1.3 & Translation Tools Updated

2 months ago by Mato

MOTHER 3 Fan Translation
English v1.3
Released April 16, 2021

Download MOTHER 3 v1.3 English fan translation


lorenzoone, the Italian MOTHER 3 fan translator, spent approximately three years improving the English patch. This new version of the patch mostly fixes technical issues and bugs for a better gameplay experience. The game’s text is almost entirely the same as in previous releases.

Fixes of translation bugs/issues:

  • Fixed the Summary’s lag
  • Made it so the menus’ writing buffer is properly cleared (Fixes leftover text issue)
  • Fixed some articles in text in the overworld
  • Fixed missing articles in the battle text
  • Fixed line of Debug Phrygia that was missing one entry
  • Fixed text overflow in various boxes
  • Made it so Soup and Stew are not drinkable
  • Fixed various typoes in the Memo text
  • Fixed line about the position of one of the Needles
  • Fixed article within an highroad dog’s line
  • Fixed small cursor’s issue in the naming screen
  • Fixed issues with the stars in the Battle Memories
  • Fixed “Text Slowdown” when printing text in CPU heavy areas in the overworld
  • Made gray boxes in the overworld more precise
  • Fixed memory OOB writes during Fassad’s low voice speech

Fixes of the Japanese version’s bugs/issues:

  • Made it so the Thunder Tower’s frog can still move when in contact with the party (Fixes softlock)
  • Fixed New Game Plus bug (A patch will be made available that removes the fix for those who want it)
  • Fixed swapped gift boxes bug (A patch will be made available that removes the fix for those who want it)
  • Fixed Salsa’s reflect text during the Pork Tank’s battle
  • Fixed various graphical/collision issues in the overworld
  • Fixed Lucas’ talking bug in Chapter 5
  • Fixed the Skull Gift Box glitch in 3 locations
  • Fixed the Boney’s Sludge Pond Glitch (Could crash the game)
  • Fixed the Steel Mechorilla’s sounds
  • Fixed door’s collision data for one bathroom in Chapter 8
  • Fixed issue with actions being executed more times than intended
  • Fixed flickering during Fassad’s low voice speech
  • Fixed issue with Claus’ PP if the first battle is lost
  • Fixed wrong text being displayed for the train’s requested money
  • Fixed issue with Thomas disappearing in Chapter 1 after the notebook is collected
  • Fixed issue with mouse talking directly to humans
  • Fixed Debug Room’s Pigmask changing sprite in certain situations
  • Standardized Boney’s minimum level during Chapter 4
  • Fixed issue with Mementoes being used while in the inventory
  • Fixed issue with Leder’s counter ticking when it shouldn’t and viceversa
  • Fixed 0 damage being reported as > 0 if comboes are used
  • Fixed minor graphical issues within some menus
  • Fixed Nana’s age in Chapter 8’s concert
  • Fixed Caroline’s bakery causing inventory issues in Chapters 1 through 3
  • Fixed the Delete All Saves menu’s lag
  • Fixed issue with quickly opening and closing maps
  • Fixed the song set for Wess’ house right after Wess joins the party in Chapter 2


  • Optimized text printing for a smoother experience
  • Reduced the load on the GBA’s CPU in certain menus in order to ensure a smoother experience
  • Added NPC in the Debug Room
    • It allows accessing the other tables of the Debug Room
    • It allows viewing the Attract Mode sequences
    • Other useful features
  • Improved Debug Room’s Staff roll option
  • Improved some of the Debug Room’s warps
  • Made it so all the Memoes can be seen
  • Made it so the mother mouse’s text is different if only one mouse is missing
  • Changed “BOM” to “BOOM”
  • Updated some enemies’ sprites to match the translation
  • Restored a trade with a ghost in the castle’s kitchen
  • Restored one of Caroline’s lines for when Wess is in the party
  • Made consuming cheese consistent for Claus
  • Changed the “Ready-Set-Go” voice clip to the one featuring Lani Minella and Karmageddon

For the other translations:

  • Made it easier for future translations to edit graphics
  • Allowed more text per line and per screen in the Memoes menu
  • Allowed more text per line in the overworld Debug menus
  • Allowed more text per screen in the overworld notebooks
  • Lowered the OAM footprint of names in the overworld
  • Added guideline that shows which enemy uses which battle text line
  • Added enemy articles in the main script
  • Added program that allows for more custom text lines
  • Added script that makes sure inserted files don’t overlap

In addition, the MOTHER 3 fan translation tools were updated.

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