MOTHER 3 Blog Works Again

11 years ago by Mato

For those of you who’ve tried to look at the old posts on the Mother 3 translation blog, fear not, I fixed the problems so now all the old entries work again. If you’re really adventurous, try reading every blog post from the earliest archive 😛

Mother 1+2 translation is going slowly, I’ve been at 90% on the first draft script for a couple weeks. for updates, though the updates are a lot less regular than the M3 updates used to be.

And, as always, I must pimp out EarthBound Central, there’s lots of new stuff every day, including Mother 3 polls, neat info, tricks, videos, etc.

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3 Responses to “MOTHER 3 Blog Works Again”

  1. Viewtiful_justin said 11 years ago:

    Sweet. I actually HAVE read every post, believe it or not.

    And Earthbound Central is my new favorite site!

  2. LeXxX said 11 years ago:

    I’ve been reading this blog since it first started, and I just now got done playing Mother 3. Being sidetracked with other things and buzzy with other games at the time. At first, I thought it was not gonna live up to Earth Bound, but I’m glade I keep on playing, because this game is just as good and might replace EB as my favorite game of all time.

    I just wanted to say thank you again Mato and friends for translating such a great game:)

  3. Earthbound_driven said 11 years ago:

    MATO!!! Seriously, you’re awesome, a true hero.