MOTHER 3 Translation Dev. Glitches

12 years ago by Mato

Back when the patch was still being worked on, people asked me to someday make a video of a bunch of the weird things that happened during the hacking. A few weeks ago I made a short video showing a couple of them. I couldn’t fit them all in due to YouTube’s video length limit, but these are some of the more amusing ones:

There are also many glitch pics and early development pics inside this big ol’ image archive that I put up a few months ago.

Work on the MOTHER 1+2 translation is slowly coming along. I didn’t realize how much of a drain EarthBound Central would be on my time, but I want to get the MOTHER 1 part done so I can work on some other interesting projects. You can follow the MOTHER 1+2 progress here if you’re interested.

In other news, the MOTHER 3 Handbooks have shipped! If you didn’t preorder, you can still order a copy anytime, so don’t worry. Also, for more up-to-date news about MOTHER 3 stuff and just the entire series in general, EarthBound Central is the place to go πŸ˜€

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7 Responses to “MOTHER 3 Translation Dev. Glitches”

  1. LarryTheCucumber said 12 years ago:


    I know that I can go to EBC, but there’s just something nostalgic about this place. I miss the old days where we’d wait around for the next big update, following your progress, learning little bits of how a GBA game works (or in some cases, doesn’t work)…

  2. Jarith said 12 years ago:

    Who IS that old man in the hot tub? Never managed to figure it out…

  3. EarthBoundRules said 12 years ago:

    Wow, hacking this thing must have been really tough. Thanks for getting it done though!

  4. noco said 12 years ago:

    :3 glad to see an update here
    wow hinawa sure likes numbers

  5. BlueStarManDX said 12 years ago:

    Man… it seems so long ago that we were waiting in heart attack inducing anticipation for this patch to come out. Everyone argued, everyone praised and egged on the team with undying loyalty, and Tomato was asked on a near daily basis by someone to make & raise an army of babies. Good Times πŸ˜‰

    These glitches are funny, especially the Moonside-ifying one. Just goes to show how crazy this game could be. Thanks for posting an interesting vid πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah…. OMFG! AN UPDATE!

  6. Matthew said 12 years ago:

    “Man… it seems so long ago that we were waiting in heart attack inducing anticipation for this patch to come out.”

    It was enough anticipation just waiting for another update back in the day.

  7. hasone said 11 years ago:

    I remember thinking “he’s putting so much work into this. these bugs are wild. omg. this is so crazy”

    looking back at it, yeah, it was that crazy.

    thanks again, mato. You win the internet 9000 times over.