Misc. News & MOTHER 1+2 Translation

12 years ago by Mato

Just a batch of misc. news today.

1. First, and probably the coolest of all, Jeffman is asking for help testing his MOTHER 3 Sprite Editor. It’s very cool, so help him test it here!

2. I still get e-mails and PMs about it. The patch downloads have slowed down of course, though I believe we passed 100,000 local downloads long ago. I don’t have an exact # but it doesn’t matter too much.

3. Translations into other languages are still progressing well, and teams are starting to finish all the non-main script text. Soon they will taste the terror of the main script!

4. An updated English patch probably won’t be out for at least a few months. We’ve fixed a few bugs and typo/bug reports have mostly stopped, so it’s looking like it’s time to get working on them.

5. There are currently no concrete plans to translate the MOTHER 2 part of MOTHER 1+2 (that’s Jeffman’s territory), but I did start messing with the MOTHER 1 part of it a few weeks ago. It’s been much, much easier to hack than the third game, whew. Most of the hacking is done, and now I’m retranslating the Japanese script from scratch. You can read all the details and see pics and videos here. This blog is for MOTHER 3, so any MOTHER 1+2 updates will be over at my personal one.

That’s all for now!

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38 Responses to “Misc. News & MOTHER 1+2 Translation”

  1. Jupiter-x said 12 years ago:

    Glad to hear from you! I was starting to think you had choked on some turkey! Thanks again for your continuing work!

  2. Jason said 12 years ago:

    Wow, I think I stumbled on this one minutes after it was posted. I had a good feeling, so I thought I’d stop by.

    You’re too kind, Mato. I can’t believe what I’m looking at, with that translation. That’s just incredible!

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for the new M3 patch. I’m taking it about an hour a week through for my second trip, so the patch will be out before I finish it, I’d imagine.

  3. anonymous said 12 years ago:

    Take it easy, Mr. Mato.

  4. Hasone said 12 years ago:


    Thank you.

    That is all.

  5. MattFrey said 12 years ago:

    Hmm, I’ve always wondered what your take on MOTHER 1 would be like. I’m glad I’ll finally have the chance to see it.

    Not that Phil Sandhop did an awful job, far from it. I was just wondering. Just be careful not to accidently hit the translation with your hand; we don’t want your hands to be bruised, do we?

    Thanks for all your hard work, Tomato!

  6. Clockerstance said 12 years ago:

    Easy ring? What’s all this?

  7. wcrntn said 12 years ago:

    I would absolutely love to see and play Mother 1 in a fuller glory. You’ve definitely got me interested here.

    A re translation of Mother 2 as “Mother 2” than “EarthBound” could be quite interesting, too.

    It’d be nice to see the series finally come all together in a consistent English format.

  8. Kajin said 12 years ago:

    You may want to post a hyperlink to your personal blog, so those who don’t know where it is can find it.

  9. Torin said 12 years ago:

    you just don’t stop working do you? keep it up.

  10. Abysmal said 12 years ago:

    Nice to hear that you’ve been messing around with the Mother 1+2 translation, even if it’s only the first game. I’m sure many will be happy if/when it’s done.

  11. Pango.PD said 12 years ago:

    Such a sad thing, no one is commenting…

    But I’m gonna take a look at the sprite editor later.

  12. gBev said 12 years ago:

    It’s funny to see how a blog entry only gets 9 replies in a day now, while a month and a half ago, we would’ve broken 400 by now. Just interesting to think about… 😉

  13. noco said 12 years ago:

    all hail mato 🙂

  14. TheReaper08 said 12 years ago:

    Mato thanks for all the awsome news

  15. Bats said 12 years ago:

    Oh damn, awesome news!

    I love MOTHER 1. Definitely looking forward to seeing a more accurate and polished translation.

    The easy ring will make a second play through a lot, well, easier. 😛

  16. Dr. Meat said 12 years ago:

    I am excited now. Again!

  17. SharpieEB said 12 years ago:

    Wow. Mother 1 Translated…By Mato.
    and a possible Mother 2 Translation.

    MOTHER 1 + 2 AND Mother 3 on ONE GBA flash cart?

    best thing ever

    Mato is now a level 80 Elite PK H4X0R

  18. Key said 12 years ago:

    Oooh, a Mother translation. 😀 I’ve been wanting to play this game, but the high difficulty and dry translation put me off. This seems to solve both of my problems. XD

    A possible EarthBound translation would be cool as well, but I guess I won’t get my hopes up. XD

    To be honest, I’m shocked that you’re not sick of the entire series. XD Or maybe you are, haha.

    Anyway, good luck.

  19. confused said 12 years ago:

    I’m glad your still updating although I miss the 300 pluse comments

  20. Clockerstance said 12 years ago:

    Oh La La, Fancy editor is fun. I found a picture of Boney sleeping, I hope… Woo! I wonder what it could have been used for…?

  21. TonE said 12 years ago:

    Well howdy y’all! just lettin ya know i’m still around (as if you care) and the game was SUPERB! loved it. so glad to see that the work continues into new and exciting realms like other language trans and perhaps more games. you guys have such creative brains I wouldn’t put it past you to say screw it…lets make our own game lol. keep it up and keep puttin a smile on my face!

  22. Steve said 12 years ago:

    Looks great! One question, though. How feasible is it to use the Earthbound variable width font in Mother? I’ve heard that it’s tough if not impossible in NES games, but maybe that doesn’t apply to an NES game ported to GBA. Do you think you would even need VWF to fit in all the text?

    Great work! I did a little hacking in this game. I felt like I won the Superbowl when I figured out how to expand the menu box. No challenge for you at this point! 🙂

  23. Mato said 12 years ago:

    M1’s text system (like most NES games) uses a rigid tilemap system, so getting a VWF to work would require a total redesign and rewrite of huge parts of the game. So it’s not really worth it. Instead, I’ve been trying to expand text windows to allow for more text at a time. I’m also going to try to make the font a little more easy on the eyes, so between those two things, I’m hoping the text in this version will be a good deal nicer than a quick and ugly translation.

    And yeah, expanding boxes is really easy in this game. Though sometimes there are unexepcted consequences, like what can be seen sometimes in that preview video 😛

    You might want to also check some of the comments on my blog, because I talk about some other details there.

  24. glemmstengal said 12 years ago:

    Good to hear from you still, had a great time with Mother3, fantastic job (I’m sure I said this when it was released, but whatever)

    I can’t believe you’re doing Mother 1 though, and so soon! But of course I’d love to play it, it would be fantastic to play it on my DS instead of my PC.. I tried on my PC and it was not enjoyable.

    Well thanks for everything again, I look forward to seeing Mother1 goodness at some point then, and yay for new blog to read

  25. kevinchai said 12 years ago:

    Whoah! What an amazing guy you are, Mato. Sheesh, even after the Mother 3 translation, you’re still going out at this Mother 1 translation, now.

  26. SoreThumb said 12 years ago:

    Mato, something that’s been on my mind ever since I saw pictures everywehre were the creepy Claus pictures.

    Is it possible to just write up your thoughts/notes on what you thought it would’ve been? Is there any evidence that tells you what their original purpose was? :O

  27. Viewtiful_Justin said 12 years ago:

    I’m still not through Mother 3. I got stuck when we finally reunite with the egg…and then I somehow reverted to an old save state and my save game was gone…and I was pissed. So I quit. But I’ll get back to it, I’m sure.

    I’m excited about a different translation of Earthbound, though. It’ll be cool to see what got changed or taken out. It’s still my favorite game ever.

  28. Poo said 12 years ago:

    It’s been way to long. I demand an update.

  29. Edgar the Alien said 12 years ago:

    We’re already on sprite editors? I’m going to have so much fun with this :3

  30. Mato said 12 years ago:

    SoreThumb: Right now there’s not much I can say, but I’m sure if I sat down and really focused, I could squeeze some info from the ROM about that stuff. But right now there’s not much I can say that would differ from what anyone else guesses.

    Poo: I’ll probably update with some notes soon. But I’m finding it very nice not to have to think about Mother 3 lately 😛

  31. Poo said 12 years ago:

    oh don’t worry about it. i was just kidding. i remember before after about 4 or 5 days everyone started getting antsy for another update.

  32. Googi said 12 years ago:

    1 week and 4 days since the last post; ouch! Understandable though. Just wanted to wish everyone who keeps the faith by visiting a Merry Christmas!

  33. TStarboy said 12 years ago:

    I heard some rumors that some bugs were fixed in a new patch. Guess that isn’t true then.

  34. VagnF said 12 years ago:

    Just finished the game Mato. You rock my socks buddy. If you are ever in Toronto let me know and I will buy you a beer.

  35. Mato said 12 years ago:

    I know it’s been a while since the last update, but I’ve been suffering from Mother 3 overdose syndrome, plus I’ve also been working on EarthBound Central, which isn’t quite finished yet, but once it’s ready to go, I’ll jump back on the M3 wagon and start working on the v1.1 M3 patch. And the translation notes. And the other-language translations. And the unused content stuff. And bdkfjlaskdfasdf *overdoses again*

  36. Erik said 12 years ago:

    Thanks for everything. Hopefully Jeffman is willing to do the Mother 2 part though. It would be awesome to have all 3 Mother games at one time.

  37. Steve said 12 years ago:

    ok so i was using the sprite editor to switch the story to replace lucas with claus and vis versa.

    what i was wondering though was now that i have edited EVERY sprite with lucas/claus and switched them up and it still shows when claus(lucas) is fighting it shows lucas instead so i was wondering how to switch that up.

  38. Blake Main said 12 years ago:

    Hi Tomato, first, I’d like to thank you and EVERYONE who worked on the mother 3 translation, you all truly deserve to be hired by Nintendo and let them know that starving the Mother fans would only lead to a brilliant fan translation such as this. I am getting my hopes high as you are working on the Mother 1 + 2 translation, because it would be so complete on my DS if I had the entire series portable. Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful work and commitment to something that deserves attention.