MOTHER 3 Sprites

12 years ago by Mato

A few months ago, Jeff wrote a program to dump all of MOTHER 3’s sprites from the ROM. There are so many sprites in the game that they had to be stored in an unfriendly way, you see.

Anyway, you can now download them here:

Be careful, though! Because of how computer file systems work, you’ll need about 100+ MB of free space on your hard drive for all these tiny .png files, even though they technically total 15 or 20 MB.

Anyway, have fun exploring all the sprites, and keep an eye out on all the weird, unused/hidden stuff too!

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55 Responses to “MOTHER 3 Sprites”

  1. caleb said 12 years ago:

    holy moly!! that is a lot of sprites!

  2. rc5 said 12 years ago:

    Neat Stuff! =D

  3. Bakla Si Mark Ryan Ruiz said 12 years ago:


  4. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:

    Downloading them now. Funny, I was thinking today about checking out Mother 3’s sprites after I finally beat it…

  5. The Fan said 12 years ago:

    Oh, man! Does this mean I can finally make my coveted salsadance.gif?

  6. Sharpie said 12 years ago:


  7. noco said 12 years ago:

    that seems a little… huge.
    also, i’m guessing these are copyrighted?

  8. Duffman247 said 12 years ago:

    I can’t wait to get my frog driving a car!!!

  9. johto555 said 12 years ago:


    Why are there so many folders of the naked man?! How many placeholders did they need?!

  10. johto555 said 12 years ago:

    I take it we don’t get the in-battle portraits?

  11. Googi said 12 years ago:

    Been looking forward to these. Thanks a lot.

  12. Timbalisto said 12 years ago:

    Downloading them now.

  13. Mato said 12 years ago:

    johto: You can find the in-battle pics on the walkthrough site for now. These are just the outside sprites.

  14. KratosAuron0 said 12 years ago:

    Interesting set of sprites you’ve got here…

  15. Timbalisto said 12 years ago:

    What’s with the yellow slime o.o

  16. madlobster said 12 years ago:

    @noco: The size depends on the cluster size that you formatted your hard disk. For example, if your cluster size is 4096 bytes, then even a 1 byte file will take 4096 bytes on the disk. A 4097 byte file will take 8192 bytes, or two clusters. Usually, the average clustersize/2 wasted per file doesn’t matter much for larger files, but when you have many extremely small files, it can add up quickly.

  17. nekoaitsu said 12 years ago:

    Thanks, Mato. I really appreciate these blog entries after the patch release, no matter what they entail. And so far, they have been pure awesome~

    Game sprites for th

  18. Mach said 12 years ago:

    Looking forwards to looking at these once I’ve finished the game. I’ll download them for now and browse through them later. Thx for tis and look forwards to any extra goodies you guys have. 😀

  19. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    okay, so I raided the ROM for every address of images and graphics that need changes when translating them to other languages.
    actually, I found quite a few… so, here’s my list, I thought you might wanna post this somewhere, as every translation team will need these addresses (special thanks to Jeffman for telling me how to edit compressed graphics)


    thomas’ bazaar

    sheriff’s office

    Club Titiboo




    pork company

    ticket counter new pork

    NEW new pork

    beauty & tasty new pork

    welcome new pork

    empire new pork

    amusement park new pork

    theater new pork

    viking new pork

    porky park new pork


    misc. sprite text


    health & safety screen


  20. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    ah, shucks, I forgot to add the non-compressed DP transfer screen… aw, figure it out for yourselves, these are all compressed graphics.

    also, I see what you did thar.
    massage me?!

  21. Mato said 12 years ago:

    I assume/assumed Jeff will be supplying each team with the uncompressed gfx, since they’re really easy to edit.

  22. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    well, I asked him if he could tell me a bit about how to do it, and he explained it to me, also stating he may write a tutorial for everyone… anyways, that’s the list I found. there may be one or two I overlooked, though. do with it what you think.

  23. Kasumi said 12 years ago:

    This is my favorite thing ever. I love it. The sheer number of sprites is absolutely incredible. I’m making gifs.

  24. TheReaper08 said 12 years ago:

    Mato thanks for all these great sprites and in the second pack of sprites I notice a couple of weird and I think unused sprites one was a sprite of Lucas body with a bird head and the other one is a different version of Porky that guess was not used in the game.

  25. nekoaitsu said 12 years ago:

    @ Kasumi:
    Sweet! Post them in the forums! 😀

  26. Majora721 said 12 years ago:

    Interesting… the file “porky (1)” contains a weird version of porky encased in some sort of glass pod.

  27. noco said 12 years ago:

    maybe he was going to end up like geuige in m1?
    whoa. flashback.

  28. A Fan said 12 years ago:

    @noco: Everything is copyrighted, silly. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You have to violate the copyright merely to play the translation, no matter how you do it, because the copyright holder has the exclusive right to authorize translations. And they didn’t authorize any of us. Like I said, don’t worry about it 🙂 If Nintendo planned to complain, they would have.

    Most of the NOA staff are probably busy playing the game and wondering how they could have gotten the oxygen machines past the censors. Maybe if they removed the lip animation/blushing and made it fade to black instead of pink…

  29. noco said 12 years ago:

    nah, they’re happy with mato’s translation

  30. Googi said 12 years ago:

    For the oxygen machines they probably would have just tooled a completely different sprite, like maybe… an oxygen machine hah. That would have made the Pigmask’s complaints about being uncomfortable with getting oxygen that way lose all of its meaning though :D. Of course they probably would have found some way to work around that. But meh, I prefer Mother 3 in all its unrated glory.

  31. Duffman247 said 12 years ago:

    Hey mato, thanks for the Frog car GIF.

    I was curious, how much of a hand did you have in that Mother3 book that is coming out?

    I think it looks pretty neat.

    What are your thoughts on it?

  32. Clockerstance said 12 years ago:

    Wow… This will be really neat to flip through. Thanks tons.

  33. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    oh so they are just picuters,?? and no addon to use on the game?

  34. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    btw hey mato 😀 what do you do now days ?is it kinda sad to see mother finished?

  35. FMArthur said 12 years ago:

    Bah, there’s nothing wrong the oxygen machines. It’s not even creepy, like the falsely suggestive Magypsy/Lucas hotspring scene. The oxygen machines are just silly – they’re still machines, and they’re just pumping air into your lungs in a bizarre (but direct!) fashion.

  36. Jeebus McChrist said 12 years ago:

    These are awesome. Thanks, Mother 3 Translation Team (except for Mato.)

  37. Magic Ant said 12 years ago:

    Hey, don’t know if anyone posted this one yet, but I think I’ve stumbled across an issue with translation patch 1.0. I was fighting a slitherhen, and it coiled around boney, at which point the text displayed, “The boney can’t move!” Just figured that someone ought to know. The game is awesome though. Thanx Mato and crew~!

  38. noco said 12 years ago:

    jeez, did no one read the readme?

  39. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:

    Apparently not.

    It’s a known bug that was known BEFORE the patch was released. The translation team tried fixing it, and it usually seems to be fixed, but there are some instances where it’ll say “The can’t move!” or something. Even then it’s not a big deal, since it doesn’t crash the game or anything.

  40. CJC said 12 years ago:

    This is pretty awesome, Mato.

  41. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:

    For some reason my quote got butchered in the last post…

    I meant to put: “The (character) can’t move!” I guess “><” don’t show up in posts.

  42. noco said 12 years ago:

    The Flint ca

  43. Poo said 12 years ago:

    Do you miss your giant cult following mato?

  44. Googi said 12 years ago:

    The cult following hasn’t gone anywhere, everyone’s just been spending time playing the patch now that it’s been released, and frequenting Starmen.

  45. noco said 12 years ago:

    i still visit here

  46. Cat Lazer said 12 years ago:

    lol yeah same here noco

  47. Mato said 12 years ago:

    I prefer quietness and calmness, so it’s A-OK with me 😛

    There’s still be an occasional update every few weeks or months, but it’s nice to have all that insanity behind us now. I’m kind of sick of the game right now, so the translation notes and such will be slow for a while.

  48. bananaman said 12 years ago:

    That’s fine by me. You deserve a break, Mato.
    And you did a great job with the patch. I really enjoyed it. So, thank you, Mato.

  49. Pootie said 12 years ago:

    Thanks again Mato!! I’m still haven’t beat it, even though I got the patch on day 1. Playing through it slowly really makes me appreciate it more. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  50. Googi said 12 years ago:

    Woo, the patch has now been out for a whole month 😀

  51. Bubble said 12 years ago:

    I finished over the weekend! I played for a couple of hours each night for several weeks and had a great experience. I think this is the only game I’ve played that has made me cry. I’m a recent father and the husband-wife/father-son interactions really impacted me. I felt so bad for Flint.

    For me, the end of chapters 1 and 8 along with the beginning of chapter 4 affected me the most. I felt somewhat violated at the start of chapter 4; I was disgusted with the changes of Tazmily but at the same time they felt very familiar.

    Mato, superb job with all that you and the rest of the crew did. I was never once distracted from the story by the writing. It flowed wonderfully and felt very natural. Thank you for providing a smooth channel to enjoy this game.

  52. zLeed said 12 years ago:

    Well Mato, at least you’ll have a nice story to tell your kids and grandkids.

    Who knows? Maybe Mother 4 will come out and maybe you’ll translate it. (*cough*)

  53. noco said 12 years ago:

    i only get to play once a week 🙁

  54. TheReaper08 said 12 years ago:

    There will never be a mother 4 :{

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