MOTHER 3 Unused Content – Preview

12 years ago by Mato

The main translation notes will take precedence, but I put together a preview of just a few things to expect in the “Unused Content” portion of the site. You can see the preview below, but beware that there probably are spoilers!

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29 Responses to “MOTHER 3 Unused Content – Preview”

  1. SAM-E-BOI said 12 years ago:

    Those were some sweet enemies, thank you for replying to my post(if it was a reply). After inputting the normal chea to change which enemy you encounter, is it possible to also include a cheat that would change the text in the battle (mainly the names). When the enemies load, is it just the sprites that load, or were those the actual actions that would have been taken by the enemies? Also, why was there a random group of black pixels during the first few fights?

  2. Mato said 12 years ago:

    It’ll all be explained in time. The point of those battles is the backgrounds. Everything else is just a combination of unrelated data being pulled together. I’ll explain it all at some point.

  3. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:

    Geez… over 2000 song/sounds? That’s alot…

    I guess they didn’t take the time to remove all the unneeded stuff in Mother 3. o_O

  4. Poo said 12 years ago:

    The comments really died down. Everyone must be playing Mother 3

  5. LarryTheCucumber said 12 years ago:

    Cool. I can’t wait to hear the analysis. I’m excited!

  6. ScaryMonster said 12 years ago:

    Lol if there’s one thing I noticed.. Mother 3 is a lot harder than I remember Mother 2 being…

  7. Anders said 12 years ago:

    Oh god. 2:13 in the first video (since we’re avoiding spoilers and all) is terrifying D:

  8. noco said 12 years ago:

    why would you do that

  9. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:


  10. cchen04 said 12 years ago:

    lookin forward to all the notes and unused content.

    and while im sayin that, thanks again for the unbelievable effort. it was totally worth it and you’ve made plenty of people happy 😀

  11. SoreThumb said 12 years ago:

    This’s awesome, Tomato. I can’t wait to see the translation notes and the unused content notes. It’s like, I thought this blog/site’d be over when yo ufinished, and I was sad.

    And now there’s even more to read. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on M3, the translation you did, AND the secret content. I’d love to hear what itoi has to say ,too…

    Thanks, Tomato 😀

  12. mobilisq said 12 years ago:

    Some unrelated news, the most recent revision of VBA for the wii runs mother 3 almost perfectly. Directly comparable to either pc version.

  13. bananaman said 12 years ago:

    Wow, I’m really looking forward to all the notes.
    Will you do notes on the process of how you hacked it?
    Oh yeah. Mato, from a hacking/programming perspective, I’m trying to code a fangame/engine for mother 3, and I was wondering:How would one go about making a text printing field like where people talk? I’m coding in VC++ and DirectX. Can you help, or at least tell me how the routine works? Thanks.

  14. NovaMan XP said 12 years ago:

    @mobilisq: Does it really? That’s good.. although I’m already almost done with Chapter 7 on my PSP…

    At least now I can get my cousin to play it at a near perfect state on his Wii.

  15. mobilisq said 12 years ago:

    yeah its pretty close. battle backgrounds still cause a little trouble but everything else is so much smoother than before

  16. LarryTheCucumber said 12 years ago:

    Man… Back in the good old days this would have hundreds of responses by now…

  17. Hendricks said 12 years ago:

    Tomato, what codec do you use for your movies?

  18. bluelink said 12 years ago:

    Now that everyone is gone. I properly thank the fan translation in full. I followed this site for about a year, and I’ll never understand the difficulty of translating this game except on the words you gave us. I’ve beaten the game hastly, but now a 2nd time to find the secrets. No amount of thanks can express my greatfulness.

    Typed this via psp

  19. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    ^_^ its weird not checking here every day

  20. noco said 12 years ago:

    i still do 🙂

  21. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    Im confused,does this mean you will update the patch to add the unused stuff?

  22. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    Yea and thanks for the patch XD ive been here for about 7 to 8 months

  23. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    Do you plan to do a mother 1 translation?

  24. guy with a name said 12 years ago:

    or is there one i dont know about

  25. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    Hey Mato:
    I’m with the german translation team, and I thought I might be able to edit the necessary compressed graphics (like the Ropeway sign, Empire Porky signs, etc.) ahead of time, but the thing is, I don’t know a lot about ROM hacking.
    could you recommend some tools and/or tutorials? I’m eager to finally start working already!

  26. Googi said 12 years ago:

    @guy with a name: The unused stuff is already in the ROM, most of it you just have to use cheats to see. The Mother remake patch is something Tomato calls his “pet project”, and it’s being developed far less intensely than this patch was (if I remember correct, it’s actually on hiatus because of a problem with the maps).

  27. Mato said 12 years ago:

    millhouse: Editing compressed graphics isn’t easy at all. You’d want to ask Jeff about that. The thing is, those signs were that way in the Japanese version too, and there are signs you can check that tell you what the places are.

  28. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    okay, I’ll pm him then… thanks for the swift answer!
    I just want to make sure that the translation becomes perfect, just like you did with the english version

  29. Mato said 12 years ago:

    Hendricks: I just use Microsoft MPG4 VK1, with the crisp setting all the way up, and depending on how detailed I want stuff to be, I’ll also increase the bitrate or whatever that other bar is.