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12 years ago by Mato

A few things:

First, the dance contest thing is over, and the results are in. If you entered and didn’t win a prize, don’t fret, because you won’t leave empty-handed. See the video for details.

Second, one of my hopes was that someday, somewhere, someone would play the MOTHER 3 translation on the side of a building with a big projector or something. It actually didn’t take long to happen, as video of the translation wound up being played on buildings during an art show, because the MOTHER series had been a big influence on the artist’s style. See more here! My other hope was that someone would play the translation inside Nintendo the day the patch was released, though I doubt that happened 😛

Third, I’ve been slowly working on more of the translation notes, but I’m suddenly very tired of the game, so the notes will be slow-going for a while. I think I’ve played through it too much now, it suddenly hit me one day while working on some notes. The next thing I add will probably be about character names, location names, and other names.

Fourth, the translations into other languages have already begun and are already showing good progress. Here are some pics.

  • Italian translation

  • German translation

For a list of other translations, see the front page, near the bottom right.

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35 Responses to “Various News”

  1. Coldfusown said 12 years ago:

    Hahahahah, omg. What are you doing? Trying to open the door!! Hahahaha, funny stuff good job guys and girls ^_^

  2. SoreThumb said 12 years ago:

    Wow.. My Tomato sense was tingling. O_O I’m glad I checked here. :3

    Anyways, I could tell the translation notes and the taste of the game had done you in…
    Great videos. I’m going to look at the EB projection thing after I comment. :3

  3. bananaman said 12 years ago:

    Hey, as far as the notes go, you need a break. So take one. 🙂

    Also Mato, I just noticed that Jeffman has a page for a sprite editor on his site. I’m gonna keep an eye on that. It may be the mother 3 community’s first hacking tool. 😀

  4. leommj said 12 years ago:

    Congrats to the winners! There were some nice videos indeed!

  5. mike k said 12 years ago:

    Nice to see some other Chicagoans. Cant believe they would do the dance in Millenium Park in front of the Bean, too bad they didnt actually do the real dance.

  6. noco said 12 years ago:

    yay update!
    those videos are hilarious 🙂

  7. Ness, Ness, Ness said 12 years ago:

    Haha, awesome vids.

  8. Ness, Ness, Ness said 12 years ago:

    Haha, funny and awesome videos.

  9. Ness, Ness, Ness said 12 years ago:

    Oops, doublepost. I thought it didn’t post the first time >_>

  10. thedeo said 12 years ago:

    wow, hardly any comments. sad times.

  11. Asok said 12 years ago:

    my rss feed sense was tingling 😛

  12. buttfrenzy said 12 years ago:

    FORUM BADGES! haha. Those videos were awesome. :>

    And don’t sweat the notes. We’ve played. We’re happy. That’s really all that matters. (not that I’m not interested!)

  13. FMArthur said 12 years ago:

    Mato! You don’t have time to be writing notes or catching up on lost sleep! You should be out there making babies with the hundreds who offered! Your genetic superiority can then be statistically analyzed, to massive scientific benefit.

  14. Alaska Nebraska said 12 years ago:

    I agree with FMArthur! 😀

  15. zLeed said 12 years ago:

    I still wonder why not many people show up since…

    Have you done much since you released the patch (besides the stuff you stated)? I’m guessing not much since you’re pretty tired of it all (besides work, life, etc).

  16. Mato said 12 years ago:

    If you want to keep up on other stuff I’m doing, there’s my personal blog. I’ve been tinkering with various things since Mother 3’s patch release. I’m sick of Mother 3 but I like the new hacking abilities I have, so I’ve been messing with other GBA ROMs.

    Surprisingly though, the site seems to be getting approx. the same number of unique visitors as it did just a few months ago. The # of posters is obviously down, but there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s to be expected. Frankly, I’m shocked there are as many responses to this update as there are 😉

  17. zLeed said 12 years ago:

    Shocked at 15 responses? I’d think over 100 would be shocking.

  18. Kajin said 12 years ago:

    Just out of curiosity, would translating mother 1+2 be a simple act of text replacement (since both games have already been translated, and their translated roms are already available for “reverse engineering”), or would it be a whole new hassle, like Mother 3?

  19. LarryTheCucumber said 12 years ago:

    Depending on how soon the Spanish version comes out, that would be a good way to practice up for college when I’ll inevitably end up taking it again since I’ve already started it partially in high school. Neat.

  20. Mato said 12 years ago:

    Kajin: Mother 1 wouldn’t be hard to hack at all, it’d mostly be text replacement, though I’m sure if you wanted to expand text boxes and do other things, that’d take some work too. But it could probably be done in a few days if you used the original EB0 script. In fact, someone did this a few years ago, and a nearly-complete version of M1+2’s M1 has an English patch.

    Mother 2 would be quite a bit more difficult, and probably comparable to this Mother 3 project. I haven’t looked at the game’s code myself, but from what I’ve heard from harmony and Jeffman, it already sounds like a ton of work. If Jeffman wants to work on it eventually, that’d be cool, but I definitely can’t do much for such a project. I get the feeling that someone someyear will do it though, just because it’s there.

  21. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    wow. my screenshot specially chosen by Mato for the Blog Frontpage… *I’m proud and honored*

    still, that doesn’t solve my problems I have with VRAM corruption. how exactly did you solve that memory problem you had? you know, the one that caused these moonside effects and the completely garbled-up screens?
    Caus I’m having quite a hard time trying to find a tutorial about those problems on the internet…

  22. Mato said 12 years ago:

    You shouldn’t be having any strange effects unless you’re doing stuff that our tools don’t do. If you’re trying to edit compressed graphics manually, your problem lies in the fact that the new graphics take up more space than the old graphics. That’s why you should really save that kind of stuff for later.

  23. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    Okay, I’ll be a bit more patient, but why do some of the new graphics take up more space than the old ones? because of different compression routines, or because of simply more data?
    That Ropeway sign on the screen up on this page worked fine, but for example the welcome sign in New Pork wouldn’t work correctly. Is this because of more raw data? so I guess this means memory reallocation, right? oh, snap.

  24. Mato said 12 years ago:

    Yes, different data will result in different sizes when compressed. That’s basic compression knowledge 😛

    When compressed, your graphics have to take up as much space or less than the original compressed graphics. Otherwise, you overwrite other important data that follows. If you want to mess with that stuff, it’d be better for Jeffman and me if you wait until later, that way we can help all the teams get that stuff to work.

  25. Arlin said 12 years ago:

    Mato I’m an Italian fan of Mother, and finally I can play the third in a comprehensible language ^___^
    Thank you, thank you for all your works.
    To you and your team.

    Greetings from Italy

  26. thedeo said 12 years ago:

    just finished the game… i have to say, at first i was a little dissapointed how much the overall gameplay shifted from mother 2 to mother 3. But I kept playing and it really grew on me. espcially towards the end of the game. wonderful game and, thanks again everyone/mato for the translation.

  27. noco said 12 years ago:

    it’s not as disappointing when you know what’s coming when it comes to game play changes (play the whole series in order)

  28. Josh said 12 years ago:

    Holy crap, Mato, look:

  29. TStarboy said 12 years ago:

    I don’t get the yahoo link…..

  30. MajorasMask9 said 12 years ago:

    @TStarboy: Steve Demeter = Demi = The guy that did some of the translation work on this fan translation of Mother 3, and correct me if I’m wrong but he did most of if not all of the Mother 1 translation?

  31. Mato said 12 years ago:

    The Mother 1/EB0 translation is official, it’s not a fan translation. demi was the key figure in getting the prototype cartridge dumped.

  32. Trimalchio said 12 years ago:

    Wow, everyone left.

  33. noco said 12 years ago:

    stop lying 😛

  34. millhouse said 12 years ago:

    hoooooooooowllllling guuuuuuuuusssttttttt
    *one of those little twig balls passes slowly*

  35. Cat Lazer said 12 years ago:

    Ha it was embarrassing just to watch those videos.